Sergio Torres C.

Personal Website


You'll find here information about several aspects of my life, and because my life occurs in Nicaragua, you'll also find information about my home country.

Currently I am working in three projects. The first one is a non profit web application called "Complaints and Suggestions" aiming to promote people's communication, organization and action. The idea is to allow people to publish what they perceive as a problem, to find other people to discuss and elaborate solutions proposals and to act as a community to solve the problems. The application will be deployed localized to English and Spanish. It Will be ready to easily add new languages.

The second one is a Windows Forms application for medical doctors called "MedAsis". The idea is to allow them to manage their individual private practice: locals, pacients, clinic history, and agenda. Eventually the application will grow to cover small clinics with several doctors. An Azur (in the Cloud) version is also considered, as well as a hosted database service. MedAsis will be distributed initially in Spanish, but globalized, it is, ready to accept other languages (Portuguese and English are in queue).

The third one is also a Windows Forms application called MyRFQ ( "My Requests For Quote"). It is targeted to aviation parts brokers. It will allow them to manage providers, customers, Requests for Quote from customers / To providers, Parts inventory and quotes and sales history, etc. An azur version is being considered.

You will be able to read some of my recent published articles. Some of them are technical, other political. I can't help it, I am in love with both of them, computing and politics. The articles will be seen in the language they where written.

If you want to write me you can use the form in the contact page. If you provide a valid email address I'll answer you as soon as I can.

Have a safe web surfing!