Sergio Torres C.

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My Life

I was born in Managua, the third child of a middle class family. My Father (Cesar) and Mother (Luz Aurora) always devoted to their children. I grew up in a house where, when you opened the kitchen cabinets, you got books instead of cooking artifacts. This, besides a floor to ceiling bookshelf, about seven meters wide.

I remember me as a child being witness to the arrival of a squad of armed National Guards (Nicaraguan Army ruled as a family business by the Somoza dynasty) to our home in order to "accompany" my father so he could "easily" exercise his civil right to vote in elections my father rightly proclaimed as biased and illegal.

After a big earthquake in 1972 we moved to Venezuela where we were welcomed. I obtained there a bachelor of Science in Political Sciences (Rafel Urdaneta University) in 1982.

Soon after I moved back to Nicaragua and worked for the government in several positions. I was member of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN for its initials in Spanish, the governing party at that time) from 1984 to 1990. I took part in collecting the coffee crop of 1986 as member of the "XXV Anniversary Brigade", we won the  "José Benito Escobar" medal, as the best working team of the year. In 1988 I was for four months in the central region of Nicaragua, as part of the reserve battalion 50-12 in charge of the "Zanzibar" area. I thank we didn't have to engage in combat!

A big and important year for me was 1988. In June arrived my only daughter, Camila, who has filled me with happiness and pride ever since. That same year I was appointed as the Informatics Department chief for a government agency. Thus, beginning my career as an information systems analyst, developer and manager. My first job was to develop the War Victims National Database (using DBase III, if you believe it!.)

In 1989 I was given the "Hilario Sánchez" medal in gold, for my rearguard support to the Sandinista Revolution defense.

After the national elections won by Violeta Barrios I resigned to work for the government, I resigned as a member of the FSLN and kept apart from politics for almost 15 years, devoting myself to my daughter and my job.

I took the MIS office at the Central American University and, among other duties,  developed and maintained their Academic Information System. This system was the first ever developed in its class in Nicaragua. It was multiuser and ran processes in real time. I also introduced the use of Optical Mark Recognition for the assessing of Standardized Admission Tests.

While I worked for the Central American University I supported the university workers' union and took part of a hunger strike to force the government to comply with the constitutional law that gives 6% of the national budget to the tertiary education institutions. Although we won "legally", the "6%" struggle is still an issue in Nicaragua.

In 1995 I got a Fulbright Scholarship to study a Master of Science in Computer Science, which I obtained from Southern Illinois University.

Since 1999 I have been working as a consultant, developing several information systems for universities, NGOs, insurance companies, banks, etc.

In 2004 I happily married Karla. She is a social worker and labors for the "Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres" (Central American Women Fund), an NGO that promotes women rights.

In 2006 I took interest again in politics and supported the MRS Alliance (Movement of Sandinista Renovation in Spanish) in the national elections. Unfortunately the MRS proved later to be just another "electoral party" (meaning their main goal is to win elections and not to improve the general population quality of life) and, it is my belief, this is not what Nicaragua needs.

Since April 2010 I've been working in a nonprofit project to promote people's communication, organization and action.

I enjoy programming, studying, literature reading, listening to music, watching movies with my family and playing ping-pong.